large pod necklace
Medium np11b
pearl drop choker necklace
Medium nd35s
double drop necklace
Medium nd21gv
medium drop earrings
Medium ed24os 2
butterfly scoop necklace
Medium ns42s
scoop bracelet
Medium bs45s
asymmetrical curve necklace with gems
Medium nc71os
gem and chain earrings
Medium eg74os
curve hoop earrings
Medium ec52gv 2
large pod with gem cluster necklace
Medium np19s
medium pod earrings
Medium ep13s
large angled drop/pearl necklace
Medium nd33gv
angled drop with gems necklace
Medium nd66os
small drop with gems earrings
Medium ed70os
small flat scoop earrings
Medium es63os 2
small curve necklace
Medium nc47s
small curve earrings
Medium ec51gv
curve bracelet
Medium bc50gv
large curve necklace
Medium nc49os 2
small pod earrings
Medium ep14os
small gem drop necklace
Medium nd57s
gradient gem earrings
Medium eg73os 2
gem drop necklace
Medium nd26os
gem window necklace
Medium ns53s
Rose quartz dangle earrings
Medium eg742s

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